Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poor little guy!

Yesterday, after arriving home with Conor, Eric said "today might be a Tylenol day for him." I elequently replied, "Huh?" (Boy, is that degree in English paying off or WHAT??) Eric told me I'd understand as soon as Conor's coat was off. He wasn't kidding!! My poor little baby boy had bite marks on his left forearm. The bite didn't break Conor's skin, but did he ever bruise! I could count exactly how many teeth are in the biter's mouth because of the bruise left on Conor's arm. The bite was the color of a raspberry and just looking at it made my eyes sting with tears. I kissed my baby's arm (he was fine, by the way ... no emotional trauma) and proceeded to dope him up with some Tylenol.

My next task is to invent toddler muzzles for Conor's classmate. :)

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Meredith said...

Oh no! That is TERRIBLE!!! :(
What did the teachers do? I hope they handled it!
:( :( I would be heartbroken/angry/ mama bear mad you don't even want to SEE....