Friday, April 8, 2011

Our princess

Yesterday, Annika ran a few errands after I picked her up from school.

We needed cat food. Let's just say that Smudge gets rather cranky when we run out of his food and he expresses that crankiness by reminding us of his sharp parts. I don't even want to think about my naked ankles and his ninja-fast claws... owie!

After getting our fat cat his food, we swung by the local consignment shop so I could get Conor some shoes that will (hopefully) not be the tripping hazard that his current shoes seem to be. While at the consignment shop, I found a $3 tiara for Annika. Really, who could resist turning such a sweet little girl into a princess... especially at such a good price? Shockingly, the sun was out in Seattle yesterday afternoon, so Annika insisted on wearing her sunglasses while we were out and about, which upped her already high rating on the cuteness meter.

It tickled me that when we got home, she ran up to Eric and said, "Daddy!! I have a surprise for you! Look, I got a crown!"

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