Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've known my best friend, Kate, for about as long as I can remember. (Before much longer, we'll probably start saying we've been friends since Moses was wandering around in the desert!) We've seen each other through some true highs and lows of life and I couldn't imagine having anyone else who knows me as well as Kate does ... or as long!!

Annika has a BFF, too. Her name is Allison. The girls met at pre-school and quickly formed a bond that keeps the surrounding grownups highly entertained and a bit more exhausted. :)

The girls play and laugh with pure innocence and joy. It amazes me how quickly their friendship has blossomed and developed roots. I pray that the girls continue to grow as friends as the years pass. Having a friend who has known you from early on in life truly is an amazing gift... trust me, I know!

Look at the sheer joy on these faces!

Annika modeling the latest in cupcake mustaches... Allison modeling her stylish sunglasses

*A special thanks to Allison's mom (Linda) for capturing these photos and sending them my way!

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