Tuesday, August 24, 2010

State of Mind

I doubt many people would disagree when I say that I'm a fairly busy person. I get up no later than 5 o'clock in the morning and am rarely in bed before 9:30 at night. During that time, I work at my full-time job, make sure our family is clothed and fed and bathed (except for Eric, he generally takes care of that last one without my help), our laundry is done (sometimes folded!), our house isn't a complete mess (partial mess, yes, complete mess, no), our bills are paid, we're somewhat prepared for the next day, and I've brushed my teeth. My to-do list is never ending.

With so much going on, I think it is very easy to focus on what didn't get done instead of what was accomplished each day. Yes, I do still have a load or two of laundry waiting to be folded, but at least the clothes are clean and out of the dryer. True, there is clutter on our kitchen counter, but at least the counters aren't covered in crumbs AND clutter. OK, the kids' rooms have books and toys scattered here and there, but ... ummm... I don't have a plus for that one. I need to clean their rooms!

It can be hard to remember to focus on what was accomplished instead of what wasn't. I resolve to be better about that.

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