Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glorious Cool Air

It is finally comfortable in Seattle again. We were struck with a bit of a heatwave that left those of us without air conditioning a bit miserable. Earlier this week, I awoke at 5 AM and went upstairs and noticed that our wood floors were warm to the touch. Good Lord! The hot weather makes us quite grateful that our bedrooms are in the basement, but even that heats up after prolonged hot weather. On Monday, Annika's bedroom was registering at 75 degrees. That is pretty darned hot for a basement room!

Yesterday, it was gray and cool. Sweet relief! This morning, we even had a slight spattering of rain. Annika was none too impressed with the fact she actually had to wear long pants and tennis shoes to day care today. She's used to shorts and sandals. I'm actually wearing socks today... it feels weird. My toes don't quite know what to do in such an enclosed environment. Poor things!

On another up note, it is now cool enough that I can get back to doing some baking. WOO HOO!!

On yet another up note, our niece Abby will be here in just 6 days. HUGE WOO HOO!!!

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