Monday, August 9, 2010

One heck of a full weekend!

This is one of those Mondays that makes me wish for a 3-day weekend. I'm wiped out. On Friday, we celebrated Annika's third birthday. Some friends and one of my brothers came over for a celebratory dinner (thanks for the amazing salmon, Jack). After dinner and some quick cleaning, my brother and I made caramel-filled chocolates - so glad for the extra help!! Saturday morning, Eric and I quickly packed up some clothes, kid supplies, the kids, and a ton of food and headed up to Whidbey Island for a family reunion at Eric's parents house. We spent Saturday hanging out with some of Eric's immediate family members (Hi everyone!) and had a great time catching up with them. We also had part 3 of Annika's birthday celebrations. She was very excited to open more presents (thank you everyone!) and eat cupcakes with VERY yellow frosting. We were also touched by the fact that Eric's sister made a crochet blanket for Conor. It is amazing! She made a reversible blanket in UW purple and gold; we couldn't ask for a better blanket (already in his crib) for our little guy!

On Sunday, the flood of extended family arrived for the official reunion. It was fun to meet new people and catch up with those we already knew. Annika and Conor got to meet lots of new cousins and had a great time doing so. The kids were so wiped out from the weekend, that they fell asleep on our way home (5:30 PM); little Annika was so exhausted that she slept until 6:15 this morning! Will post a few pictures from the reunion ... stay tuned.

We got home in time to unpack the car, reheat leftovers for dinner, start some laundry, unload/reload the dishwasher, and watch Mad Men on an HD channel (which means it is on 3 hours earlier than on the standard channels). All-in-all, a tiring but fun few days.

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