Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Annika's birthday party

On Saturday, we celebrated Annika's birthday (celebration 1 of 3). Because Annika is really into princesses and dresses right now, we went with a rather girlie approach to the day. We decorated with pink and purple balloons, made a pink/purple princess cake, and Annika got a new dress to wear for the occasion. My side of the family came over for a BBQ lunch and to celebrate our little girl's 3rd birthday.

This is the first year that "birthday" has really meant anything to Annika. When she saw me working on her cake the night before and I told her it was her birthday cake, she got so excited and even started doing a birthday cake dance. It was quite entertaining... lacking rhythm, but entertaining!

Annika and her cake

Opening her present from Aunt June

Opening her present from Kat and Ian

Modeling her present from Uncle Troy and Aunt Staci

Silly girl!

The party mood remains, long after her energy is gone (wearing her new frog jammies from Nana)

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