Friday, March 19, 2010

The watched pot

Last night, I told Eric that I feel like a watched pot that people are waiting to boil. Our family members and close friends are well aware of the fact that Thursdays are my doctor appointment days. Our phone is generally quiet in the evenings, but last night, we had a variety of family members call to see if there was any news on the baby front. Nope. According to my doctor, there were no changes between last week's visit and this weeks visit, aside from the expected weight gain (which my OB was quite happy about). The baby appears to be doing great and I even had a contraction while at the office. (I felt a little dopey when my OB pointed it out to me and I said, "Oh, I thought that was just him stretching." Apparently, I've been having contractions and attributed them to the baby needing more room instead of the real cause.)

Annika traveled to this appointment with me, due to the fact her day care room experienced a broken pipe and "school" was canceled for the day. She was amazingly wonderful (dodged a bullet there). She happily sat next to me on the exam bed while I had my non-stress test and even got to wear the pulse-ox finger clip after my test was complete; the look of pride and intrigue on her face because of that was priceless! The only "issue" was she kept wanting to pat my belly (aka "baby brudder") while sitting next to me, which would register on the NST - oops! ;)

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