Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Full house

We have had one busy household lately! We've had house guests galore over the past three weeks, birthday celebrations two of the past three weekends, and are trying to rearrange the use of a few rooms in order to convert our existing computer/craft room into a nursery for the baby. WHEW! Fortunately, our full schedule has been a lot of fun, albeit a bit hectic at times.

Today, our niece (Emily) and her friend (Amy) will head back to college. They decided to spend part of their spring break at Chez Olson. While we were at work, they did some fun activities, including taking a ferry to Pt. Townsend, visiting Pike Place Market, and going up the Space Needle. Annika loved having the girls stay with us - especially when they let her play with their computers and proved to be very willing audience members for her "aren't I cute and funny" antics. Eric and I have decided they need to transfer to UW so they can be closer. All in favor? AYE!

Last weekend, our niece (Kat) was admitted to Children's due to pneumonia. Fortunately, she is now on the road to recovery and was discharged yesterday. In order to free up my brother and sister-in-law, our nephew (Ian) and their dog (Kirby) also stayed with us over the weekend. Ian LOVES Eric's Legos and playing with Annika, so he fit right in and was quite easy to incorporate into our weekend. Annika idolizes Ian, so I was actually able to get a few things done that I might have otherwise not finished because she was shadowing Ian in his every activity. Gotta like that! :)

Tonight, we'll be back to the Olson Trio. I think the house is going to feel a little empty, but that'll probably help us focus on our "need to get done before the baby gets here" to do list, which is probably a good thing. Vacuuming, dishes, and laundry, here I come!

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