Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feeling A Bit Guilty

When I was pregnant with Annika, I loved just about every second of pregnancy. I felt good, barely had morning sickness, slept well (aside from the frequent trips to the bathroom) and didn't have an ache or a pain until labor started. This time around, I basically ache or hurt a good chunk of the time. I simply feel older this time around (with Eric very kindly points out truly is the case ... thanks, dear!). My back has been unhappy for months (God bless my doctor for giving me a Rx for prenatal massage and God bless my massage therapist!!), but that isn't even as bad as the fact our little guy has somehow figured out how to go to town on the nerves that magically make it feel like my tummy and upper legs are getting electrocuted from time to time. Not fun during the day ... REALLY not fun at night. Speaking of nights - last night, I'm pretty sure he taught himself how to do the hokey pokey while I was trying to sleep. This boy is active and has no qualms about pointing out that his current living conditions are feeling a bit cramped.

On an up note, my most recent ultrasound (thanks, Nicole - you rock!!) estimates that our little guy is over the 5 pound mark and is growing just like he should. Woo hoo! (How did women manage not knowing things about their unborn babies and still sleep at night back in the days before ultrasound exams??)

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