Friday, May 9, 2008

We survived!

Last night, we employed the cry it out method (2nd attempt) with the hope that Annika will learn how to comfort herself during the nights. She went to sleep at 7:15 and woke up at 1:48 (yes, I looked at the clock). She cried for about 40 minutes, but eventually did go back to sleep unassisted. (I also shed a few tears, but kept reminding myself that it was a necessary evil. I likened it to getting shots; they don't feel good, but do provide a great service. Annika having to comfort herself now is teaching her skills she'll need for the rest of her life.) One night is behind us; no clue how many more nights of crying we'll have, but I'm hoping it isn't many and the crying fits are shorter than last night. On an up note, Annika woke up in a great mood this morning. Apparently, she isn't emotionally scarred from last night. Whew! :)

Per our pediatrician's suggestion, we gave Annika tofu last night. The doctor said it was a good transition protein for babies, so we gave it a try. I dutifully cut the tofu up into small pieces and Eric fed one to Annika. He put it in and *splut* out it came. He put it in her mouth again only to have the bite have the same fate as before. After the third attempt, she clamped down her mouth and wasn't going to let that nasty stuff back in. (We didn't blame her ... neither of us like tofu.) Only with some coaxing and the promise of a Cheerio did she open her mouth ... cautiously. Tofu out ... Cheerios in. Smart girl!

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Kate said...

Yeah, give me the Cheerios any day. Smart girl, that Annika. ; )