Monday, May 19, 2008

Another cake picture

On Saturday, I donated a cake to the local SIDS Foundation auction. The theme was "Fallen Note", so I did a music-themed cake. My original plan was to wrap the cake in chocolate fondant and then decorate it with white notes. That plan completely fell apart when I went to my cake decorating supply store and they were out of chocolate fondant. ACK!! Plan B was quickly formed and I wrapped it in white fondant and decorated with black notes instead. I'm very happy with the final result and hope it brought in some much-deserved money for the foundation.

(Follow up: I just found out that the auction did a dessert dash. Basically, everyone at each table writes down how much they're willing to contribute to the dessert and then the bids are added together. The table with the highest bid amount picks their first choice dessert, the second highest bidding table picks next, and so forth. The cake that I made was the first dessert chosen and went to the highest bidding table. They bid $500!!)

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