Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Joining the Modern World

Yes, it is official. The Olsons are now blogging. Ok, ok. I know. I've tried this whole blogging thing before and it didn't stick. Well, here I am, once again, attempting to fill the world with my infinite wisdom, witty quips, and daily (well... probably closer to weekly) happenings.
Our daughter, Annika, turned 9 months old today. I don't know how that happened, but it did. At times, it still amazes me that I'm someone's mom. I'm a mom. I've always been a nurturer, but now I get to do it and not annoy people. I have a true and valid outlet for my nurturing-ness (yes, that's a word. I'm a writer/editor; therefore, any word I use or make up is correct. So there!)
Annika has been keeping us on our toes lately. She figured out how to crawl on April 28th and hasn't looked back since. Unfortunately, she also isn't looking side to side to figure out the option of turning. Forward is it. Forward, forward, forward ... even if that means she's repeatedly banging her forehead into the wall or cupboard. I don't think she's hurting herself, but that repeated whack, whack, whack gives me sympathy pains. I know I can't do everything in life for her; she has to learn, but damn it! I can't resist shifting her slightly so she can keep moving forward, forward, forward.

Last Saturday, Annika had her first modeling gig. The photographer who did our family portraits (http://www.redfishphoto.com/) in February asked if Annika would be interested in doing some promotional photos for a Santa pictures marketing campaign. Yup! How many kids get their pictures taken with Santa in May ... let alone three Santas?? Sounded like fune, so we jumped on board. OF COURSE, Annika was the cutest thing ever at the photo shoot. She was a real trooper and quickely realized what it must be like to be trailed by the paparazzi. The flashes were non-stop from the two photographers. Nary a tear was shed ... except, perhaps, by the rest of the people who were painfully sick of me singing "The Wheel on the Bus" to keep Annika smiling. Annika was either all smiles or sporting her deer in the headlights look. She loved the beards-a-plenty and the fake presents under the fake tree. All-in-all, it was a lot of fun. Here's a picture that I snapped of her during some down time.

In addition to farming our daughter out to photo sessions, I've been doing a lot of cake baking and decorating lately. This weekend, I made a tiki cake for a the Holy Rosary school auction. Eric helped me come up with the design and I'm pleased as punch with how it turned out. He suggested the vines and grass, which made the cake come alive for me. On Sunday, we made a cake for Annika's school to celebrate National Teacher Appreciation week. Eric put his artistic abilities to work and made the apple and worm; I did the baking and frosting work (please ignore the sloppy "thank you". I whould have printed instead of using cursive) and putting each child's name on the cake (49 in all). We received rave reviews from the teachers at her school. Hurray!

Isn't the worm adorable??

As of yesterday, Annika was done with her most recent round of antibiotics (double ear infection). Eric and I are now taking bets to see how long she stays healthy this time. Poor kid; day care has been rough on her immune system.

Our yellow lab (Riley) is recovering nicely from his ACL surgery. He got his stitches out yesterday and got the paws up from his surgeon. We will take him back in 4-6 weeks for another check up. He definitely favors the leg, but is doing MUCH better than I did 2 weeks after I had my ACL surgery. (PS: Yesterday was the 7 year anniversary of my ACL going the way of the do-do bird.) Buca (our black lab) is definitely ready for Riley to be back in playing mode; Ri tries, but we play referee to keep them from getting too rough; the last thing we need is another vet bill so soon after paying for Ri's knee surgery! On another up note, Riley's fur is starting to grow back (MAN! Do those vets like to shave animals. Riley's incision was about 6 inches, but they shaved 1/2 of his butt all the way down to his toes. Poor boy. Not only am I guessing that he's cold; but that's got to be embarrassing! I can just hear the neighborhood dogs snickering behind his back. They just better take cover when he's healed up and back sporting his beautiful fur coat!)


Nikki said...

Hooray for blogs! Isn't that a great word, blog?! I'm a blog. That sounds good. Can I be a blog?? Anyway, LOVE yours! ;-) I'm so impressed with Annika getting her first modeling gig before she has her first birthday! Of course I can see why!!! Ok, love the worm in the apple who's smoking a big fat cigar! That's great! Very creative!! ;-) Cake baking is the way of the Olson household now, huh?! I still remember that dessert you made- the chocolate chip peanut butter cookie (heated) on a huge sccop of vanilla ice cream. YUM!!! I made those cookies again- sooo good! Those cakes are seriously impressive- well done. Ok, gotta go. I'll call you guys about next week possibly meeting up.

Love Nicole

Michelle Murff said...

I am more than impressed with the cakes...I don't know how you have the time honestly...

We were far less creative for Bishop's teachers...caramel apples with yummies stuck to them (mini choc chips, mini m&m's, and crushed oreos).

Annika is beautiful...they are so fun to watch grow up and she is at one of the best baby ages.

I would get used to the "only mommy" for a while...it will go back and forth though. She will get in an "only daddy" mode too and you will miss this. I can only say that because Bishop is all about dad right now...i am ok with that though...he will probably go back to "mommy-mode" when his little brother comes along.

Anyway, great to read about your family...keep it up. Wish I had the energy to do that...maybe in the future.

Kate said...

A friend (Shelley) who was at the Holy Rosary auction said the cake was incredible. She was totally impressed. She said when it went up for bid, there was lots of oohing and ahhing. Shelley said, "Meredith should do that professionally." Hmmmm ...

shelley said...

It was beautiful...and people (myself included) would pay good money for sweet yummy goodness like that! :)