Thursday, February 25, 2016

Catching up on my 365 project

When I started out on this 365 photo project with Mamas with Cameras, my goal was to create a weekly blog post for each week of photos. Well, here we are almost at the end of February and I have yet to post any photos from this month. The best laid plans, eh?? So, here is a photo avalanche showing my February-thus-far. I hope you enjoy!

His "I don't like homework" face

Proud of their Irish heritage

Parent Appreciation Day flowers

Moms' night out

Buca - our fur baby

Conor scaling the zoo's rope web

Fun at swim lessons


When he dresses himself a wee bit too quickly

Where's the pot of gold??

Story time with big sister

Doesn't everyone do a spa day when they have kids battling ear infections??

Future electrical engineer

Our artist


Apparently if I leave our garden alone, some things do grow

Menchies - good to the last drop

Bedtime snuggles

More raindrops (it's been a wet month!)

Macro practice


Annika heard there was a crow on the roof and wanted to see ... shoes be damned!

Spring has sprung

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