Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sick Kids

Our kids have had colds for the past week or so. They took turns waking me up during the night to remind me that they were sick and miserable ... they're so kind to keep me in the loop like that! The symptom that typically brought them to our bedside was ear pain, so I warmed garlic oil, filled the achy ear, plugged with a cotton ball, gave them some children's ibuprophen,  warmed a sock filled with rice as a heat compress, and sent them back to bed.

On Saturday morning, Annika woke up sobbing because her ear hurt so much. (Poor little thing! It broke my heart to see her so uncomfortable.) We tried all of the home remedy tricks I knew, but nothing seemed to help. So, I rounded up the troops and we headed up to our go-to urgent care (our pediatrician's office couldn't squeeze her in).

Waiting for the doctor at the urgent care clinic

The doctor took a look at Annika's ears and throat, and then listened to her lungs. He diagnosed her with a double ear infection and a sinus infection. Ick!! I asked him to peek in Conor's ears as a "while we're here" kind of favor. He obliged and quickly diagnosed Conor with an ear infection, to. My poor babies!!! He put both kids on antibiotics and sent us on our merry way. The rest of Saturday was still pretty miserable for Annika, but the promise that the medicine would take effect by the next day was a good carrot for her to power on to the best of her ability. (That and a couple of naps didn't hurt!)

Fortunately, the meds did their thing and the kids were noticeably improved the next day. Woo hoo!!! They were still sick, but definitely on the mend. What do you do with sick kids who aren't ready for the world but aren't in bed all day either? Well.... let me tell you!!

You do a little spa day!

You read stories together!

You paint faces!
After turning herself into a cat, she turned me into a canvas of birds, whales, fish, and a sailboat

Harry Potter!

And you practice hanging spoons on your noses!

I'm thrilled to report that the kids are done with their antibiotics and are feeling MUCH better. They're back to playing, annoying each other, and filling our house with giggles. What more can a mama ask for? (OK, I'd be ok without the "annoying each other" part, but I can't be too picky!) :D

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