Monday, February 3, 2014

Annika's Toothy Smile

Annika has been very focused on her wiggly top tooth. As she put it, it had been so long since she'd lost her bottom teeth, that she'd forgotten what it was like to lose a tooth and she was scared what it would be like.

For weeks, she'd have us check how loose it was, and it was quite evident she wanted us to reassure he it wasn't THAT loose and would stick around for quite some time. Toward the middle of last week, it was quite obvious that the tooth's time in her mouth was drawing to a close, but we didn't want to stir the flames of her nerves, so we just kept telling her it was still "medium" loose. (Thank goodness that wasn't a measurable approach to tooth looseness!)

On Saturday, Annika was checking out how wiggly her tooth was just before lunch and then next thing any of us knew was she was standing in the middle of our kitchen with her tooth in her hand. I'm still not sure if that was by accident or design (and I don't know if she does either), but that's how Annika's third tooth became fodder for the Tooth Fairy.

As Annika went to bed that night, she asked if we could put out a snack for the Tooth Fairy. Sure, why not? She insisted on it being a loud snack (we wound up using mini carrots) so she could hear the Tooth Fairy crunch down on the snack, which would then wake up Annika and give her the opportunity to lay eyes on the Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately, for Annika, she slept through the Tooth Fairy's visit, but got a lovely gold dollar coin and personal note thanking her for the snack instead. (Unfortunately for the Tooth Fair, Annika is a night owl, which caused the Tooth Fairy to have to visit in the middle of the night when she just so happened to roll over and wake up enough to realize she still have Tooth Fair responsibilities to fulfill.)

Annika could hardly wait for school on Monday because she would FINALLY be able to have her name on the tooth chart. Apparently, her teacher has a list of the kids who lose their teeth during kindergarten and Annika wasn't on that list yet because her two bottom teeth were out before Kindergarten began. Now, she can be on the list. WHEW!! Sweet relief. :)

Madame Toothless

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