Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII ... WE WON!!!

Needless to say, the BIG NEWS around Seattle is our beloved Seahawks WON THE SUPER BOWL on Sunday!!

Being a sports fan in Seattle isn't easy. Let me rephrase that. Being a fan of Seattle sports teams isn't easy. We have been trained to be let down time and time again. We're like Pavlov's dog, except with teams losing instead of drooling when we hear a bell.

BUT, Sunday, that ALLLLLL changed! Our beloved boys in blue renewed our faith in Seattle teams and raised our sports spirits higher than we thought possible. Not only did they win, but they tromped the Denver Broncos 43-8. Let me repeat that ... 43 to 8!! Yup - just let it all soak in. Go ahead, I'll give you a moment.

When the Hawks bested the 49ers (tee hee hee) to secure their spot in the big game, we quickly gathered a small group to watch the game with us. My brother and his family, my mom, and Eric's best friend and his family all decided to join us to watch the game.

It was great fun to have a group together to cheer on our Hawks and to make sure no one went hungry (or felt that we weren't showcasing the team enough), we had more food than we could shake a stick at, as well as blue and green jello shots (which Staci later described as able to take the paint off the roof of her mouth!) and Skittles galore. I made pulled pork in the crock pot so people could make sliders as they were hungry (and/or on commercial breaks). Would definitely do that again!! Easy, good, quick... winner!

The kids had fun going between watching the game, playing together, and watching movies in Annika's room. Annika and Conor were glad that our team had more points and were thrilled to point out Russell Wilson whenever we saw his #3 jersey on TV. :)

I think it says a lot that I didn't even use my fancy-schmancy camera at all that day. Until kick off, I was basically focused on getting our house and the food ready ... all to avoid acknowledging my bundle of nerves about the game. After it was clear that we were going to win, I was just too stunned to pull out my camera. SO, pictures from my phone will have to do... Enjoy!

Annika and Mam on Super Bowl Sunday

Conor and Mama ... GO HAWKS!

Staci and me modeling our #3 shirts

Let's just say that Staci wasn't their family's designated driver on Sunday 

Troy ... aka the designated driver
Oh, you KNOW I was going to make thematic cookies.
Don't even try to act surprised. :)

The Columbia Tower the day after the Hawks big win

12th Man flags flying above Century Link Stadium the day after the Hawks won Super Bowl XLVIII

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