Monday, February 24, 2014

The Tooth Fairy Cometh... Again

After waking up yesterday morning, I was greeted by Annika covering her mouth and her eyes sparkling. That could only mean one thing ... she lost her very wiggly upper-left tooth. (For those of you who have lost count, this brings her grand total up to 4 lost teeth.)

Apparently while I slept, Eric wiggled her tooth and realized it was time for the tooth to come out. He suggested they pull it while I was still asleep and then I could be surprised. Annika was ALL for it! And, I was definitely surprised!!

Throughout the evening, Annika kept telling us how excited she was for the Tooth Fairy to visit her AGAIN!! She even drew a picture for the Tooth Fairy and left her a snack of three baby carrots (flying around collecting teeth does built up one's appetite, you know!) The Tooth Fairy was concerned that Annika was going to be so excited, that her visit would have to be delayed until the middle of the night (like last time), but fortunately, Annika was tuckered out from the busy weekend and swim lessons, so was asleep by 8:30. (whew!!)

This morning, Annika was thrilled to announce that the Tooth Fairy did, in fact visit AGAIN, AND left her a note, AND gave her a coin dollar in exchange for the tooth. Life is so good for our little girl. :)

Look, Ma! No teeth!

Toothless in Seattle

Annika's picture of  (and for) the Tooth Fairy
It reads: "Wack me wen yoe get her"
(Translation: "Wake me when you get here")

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