Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Annika's Talent Show Performance

Today was Annika's MUCH anticipated talent show at school. She auditioned for it last week (playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) on her violin and today was the performance. 

I was THRILLED that the talent show was scheduled for a Wednesday, so I could actually attend it. She was thrilled that because it is the Wednesday of Catholic Schools Week, she got to have "Crazy Day" at school, which meant she could wear her pajamas to school. (Hence, why you'll see Hello Kitty PJs instead of her uniform in the one ... albeit fuzzy ... photo I have from the event.)

After parking myself in a front row seat and watching the kids excitedly file into the school gym, I looked down at the event's program and was excited to see that Annika's name was first on the list... selfishly, that allowed me to get back home and back to work that much faster. (After Annika's performance, I briefly spoke with her teacher, who told me Annika volunteered to go first. Talk about an impressive kiddo!!)

Annika did a FANTASTIC job. (Yes, I teared up ... I know, not a big surprise!) Not only did she play the song ... into a microphone and in front of the entire school ... but she also sang along as she played. I've never heard her sing the lyrics as she played before. Usually, she says the names of the notes as she plays (which is what I expected to hear today), but that wasn't the case.

She worked hard to get the song memorized (she had a note cheat sheet, just in case), and stood up there in front of everyone without hesitation and played her heart out. I don't think I could have been any prouder of her if I tried.

Great job, little one!!

Our little violinist!

Unfortunately, I experienced a technical issue and wound up not video recording her performance, but the floor after her performance was complete. UGH!!!!! If I was smart, I would have just used the video setting on my DSLR camera instead of trying to juggle the video camera and digital camera in a 30-second time period. Live and learn....

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