Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Day Play Date

Our new year's eve was incredibly low-key this year, and for that, we are truly grateful! We counted down to the new year at 7 PM with the kids a the four of us toasted 2014 with 7-Up and cranberry juice served in plastic champagne glasses. The kids were in bed by 8 and the grownups were in bed by 10:30. Yes, we are WILD party animals!!

This morning, we met up with our friends the Russells at a great indoor play area called PlayDate Sea. The best way to describe this place is a habitrail for people. The use of space is incredible and the variety of activities is impressive. Plus, there is a great deal of climbing and movement involved throughout the play area. There are big slides (Eric discovered you get some serious speed if you go on your back instead of sitting up!!), air-powered nerf canons, balancing activities, and interactive electronic floor games. Seriously, someone was thinking when they came up with this place's design!

On top of that, there is free wi-fi and a coffee/food/beverage bar that the parents can take advantage of while their kids are playing. (Parents are allowed in the habitrail with their kids ... and we're so glad that was the case. We had a great time playing, too!) We spent about 2 1/2 hours at PlayDate and even then, the kids were exhausted and anything but interested in leaving. They LOVED it!

Conor on one of the slides

Is this a happy kid or what?!!?

Anne, Eric, and Dave

Annika playing an interactive floor game (I think she was jumping on frogs as they appeared)

Anne and Nic before they plunged down the slide

Conor in "The Claw"

Annika in "The Claw"

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