Sunday, January 5, 2014

Family Fieldtrip to the Zoo

On Friday, one of my brothers called and asked if we'd like to join his family at the zoo on Saturday. Apparently, our nephew had been itching to visit the zoo and the weather was going to be cooperative. Sounded like a win to us! We enthusiastically accepted the invitation and then kept it a secret from the kids (muahahahaha!)

On Saturday, we informed the kids that we'd go on an adventure later in the day, but that was a surprise and we wouldn't tell them any of the details. (Yes, this is how we torture our kids... it's the simple pleasures sometimes.) About half way to the zoo, Conor proclaimed "Hey! We're close to the zoo! Is our adventure going to the zoo?" To which Annika quickly replied, "NO!! We're not going to the zoo!" (Sucker!) Needless to say, Conor was right. Annika had actually hoped we'd go to a park or playground, but was appeased when Eric informed her that there would be an extra surprise in the zoo (aka, our nephew Ian). As soon as she saw my brother and his family walk toward us, she squealed with glee, ran past my brother, our niece, and our sister-in-law, and practically tackled Ian right there in front of the zoo offices. It was mighty cute, I must say!!

We did a fairly full tour of the zoo, even attempting to see the bears that Conor had so desperately wanted to see when we were there a few days ago. Unfortunately, the bears were either (a) hibernating, (b) feeling shy, or (c) out clubbing because there was not a bear to be found. We saw a lot of other animals, but no bears. Sorry, Conor. We got what was probably one of the best views of the zebras that we've ever had while at the zoo. They were right in front of the African village lookout and were quite content to munch on grass in front of us.... that is until a gazelle got uppity and caused a bit of a scuffle with one of the zebras.

I think we were all a little surprised how cold we were by the time we wrapped up our zoo tour.... and by wrap up, I mean "get kicked out by the zoo workers who wanted to go home." We all had popsicle hands, chilly toes, and hungry bellies. (OK, that last one had nothing to do with the weather, but we were hungry!)

The guys (aka Eric, Troy, and Ian) picked up burgers from Red Mill while Staci, Kat, Annika, Conor, and I went straight home to start thawing our feet. We gorged ourselves on the best burgers in Seattle and then took in a few fast-forwarded football games as we enjoyed our food comas together. The day was definitely a win in our book!

We just can't go to the zoo without checking out these cute penguins!

Conor and Eric watching the penguins

Ian, Conor, and Annika perched on the kimodo dragon statue

His future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades

Per Conor, these zebras are Spot 1 and Spot 2's parents

Staci, Troy, and Kat looking at the zebras

Kat and Troy taking a little stroll

Hippo dinnertime

Ian and Conor... cute cousins

Our wild bunch

A gorgeous sunset to bid farewell to a very fun day

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