Wednesday, September 18, 2013

While Daddy's Away...

On Sunday, Eric went to the Seahawks game with his friend, Matthew. Oh my, but what a game! Soon after kickoff, a massive thunder/lightning storm came through and created quite the stir at them game. Gone are the days of the Kingdome... the massive concrete stadium that protected everyone from the elements. The game on Sunday wound up having an hour weather delay due to lightning strikes in the area. And I mean, there were countless flashes of lightning that night. At one point, it looked like we had a strobe light outside of our kitchen window! (Conor wasn't overly impressed with the storm, but he survived with some extra snuggles with yours truly.) In addition to the Seahawks kicking the 49's tails, the Seahawks fans set a world record for loudest stadium fans... or something along those lines. (So glad I sent Eric with ear plugs!!)

While Eric was off being loud and risking electrocution, the kids and I stayed home and hunkered down while riding out the storm. We made homemade pizzas (you're welcome, Annika) and even had popcorn for dessert (you're welcome, Conor). Apparently, I was rather outwardly concerned about Eric turning into a soaking wet football fan (he only brought a light rain jacket for protection from the weather) because Annika took it upon herself to get a towel from the linen closet for Eric so he could dry off when he got home. (Isn't she the sweetest???)

Amazingly, when Eric got home, he was perfectly dry... talk about miracles!

While the popcorn was popping, Conor decided to show me his superhero dance. Enjoy!!

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