Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our big kindergartener

It's official.... Annika is growing up too fast!

Oh, wait. That isn't what I meant to type... let's try again:

It's official.... Annika is growing up too fast!
It's official. Annika is now a kindergartener!

On Monday, she donned her CKS uniform, posed for a multitude of photos (did you really expect anything to the contrary?), and continued down the path of education as she started kindergarten.

Everyone in the entire school was instructed to gather in the school's pavilion and wait (by grade) with their bags and bags of school supplies for the teachers to lead the students (and their trailing parents) to their  classrooms. Naturally, the scene was deafeningly loud and brimming with chaos with kids running around a exploding with excitement. The parents who knew each other greeted one another warmly ... for others, many introductions were made. It was great to see old friends and start new friendships... for children and adults alike.

After a few more photos and inaudible instructions from the principal, everyone headed inside to inspect the newly renovated school and explore their respective classrooms. The halls still smell of new paint and scream out with cleanliness... I'm sure this won't last for long once the many little hands have a chance to touch the walls, door knobs, and water fountains!

We got Annika settled at her table and after a few moments, there was an eerie quiet that fell over the rooms. The kids all started in on the coloring projects that awaited them at their tables of four, and the parents just stood taking it all in.

After 10-15 minutes, Mrs. Galvan, the kindergarten teacher, gave a few last bits of information and sent the parents on their merry way. Shockingly, I left dry-eyed. Not a tear was shed ... I came close after returning home and seeing a picture of Annika when she was much younger, but the moment passed with me remaining tear-free.

Eric picked up Annika at noon (the first day was a half day) and as soon as she was through the front door, I asked Annika how her first day was. She proclaimed, "IT WAS AWESOME!! BEST DAY EVER!!" Hey, you really can't ask for more than that!

First day!

Sporting her cute little uniform

Annika and her buddy Easton

Annika and her bestie Allison

Coloring at her table
(Like the bow? I wore it when I was in high school!)

Annika and her table mates

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