Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unintended Humor

Annika and I were recently in the car when she pulled a purple flower out of her lunchbox and said it was for me. Of course, I gushed about how much I loved the flower and how thoughtful it was of her to give it to me.

She asked if purple was my favorite color. I explained that I do like purple, but blue is truly my favorite color. To really drive the point home,  I told her that God knows I like blue so much that he gave her blue eyes so I could see pretty blue each time I look at her. (Hallmark, eat your heart out!)

Her reply? "I wish I didn't have blue eyes." (Ouch!!)

I asked what color she'd rather have and she said, "Brown. I'm going to pray to God for brown eyes or pink eyes! Mama, I want pink eyes!"

No, sweet girl... you really don't want pink eyes. 

Of course, my shoulders started shaking as I gripped the steering wheel to within an inch of its life and tried to keep the giggles from erupting, causing her to wonder what made me laugh and then having to explain joys of conjunctivitis.

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