Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Princess Day

A stomach bug has attacked our kids. We've done more laundry and cleaned up more bodily fluids than we care to think about. After much Gatorade, homemade Jello, and chicken soup, we seem to be emerging from the land of illness.

Eric stayed home with the kids yesterday, so today is my turn. The kids are definitely rebounding and back to playing a bit. They decided to play dress up and as soon as Annika donned a princess dress, Conor insisted on being a princess, too. They are having a wonderful time, aside from the drama caused by us only being able to find one magical wand. We own about 6 wands, but can't find more than 1 of them ... they truly are magical! They disappeared!!!

Conor hanging out in the castle

Princess Conor and Princess Annika (the knocked-up princess)


Princess Annika tending her new baby ("Snow White")

Combat-ready Princess Annika
(you can't quite see it, but she's wearing a camouflage soldier helmet)


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