Saturday, August 25, 2012

Plums, plums, plums

One of the hosts of the Mamas with Cameras group recently moved fairly close to us.... scratch that ... BOTH of the hosts of the group recently moved close to us. One of the gals (Wenmei) has been posting on her Facebook wall about how many plums they have in their new yard, and how she's been turning out plum bread like crazy. Ummm.. yum!!

First I asked her for the recipe. After eying it seeing how great it looked, I told her I'd take some plums off of her hands if she had more than she could use. She very kindly said, "Come on over!" So, Conor and I got ourselves loaded in the car (with homemade cream puffs as a thank you) and made the quick drive to her home (aka the land of plums).

This was Conor's first fruit-picking experience and he loved it. Wenmei's two kids and Conor had a great time plucking plums from the low branches; her husband even climbed up their new ladder (bought today so they could get the plums on the high-up branches ... now that is dedication to their harvest!) and we quickly filled a plastic shopping bag with plums.

After getting home, I started thinking about what to make first. Wenmei has been making plum bread, which I'll definitely try tomorrow. I actually almost dug into that recipe when I thought about the plum cake that Annika's BFF's grandmother makes. That cake is to die for! So, I asked my very good friend Mr. Google to find a German plum cake recipe for me. No shock ... he did!

The search pulled up this recipe, which looked easy to prep and quick to get in the oven. I was thrilled when I read I didn't have to peel the plums. Bonus!  The batter went together in a blink and before I knew it, we were enjoying the smell of baking plum cake. Halfway through dinner, the timer dinged and told us the cake was done.

Since then, we've cleaned up the kitchen and then turned our attention to getting the kids to bed. So, I actually have no clue if this cake is a winner. Will keep you posted! (Hey, I'm all about building suspense and anticipation with this blog!)

Plum Cake

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