Friday, August 17, 2012

Fun with the Bubble Man

There are a number of celebrities who call this part of the world home. Some are known on a global level, including professional athletes, musicians, and a few TV/movie stars, while others are more in the "local celebrity" category, such as JP Patches and the Bubble Man. The local celebrities give us flair and a greater sense of community.

While at Carkeek Park last month (yes, I'm late on creating this post ... I've been busy, ya know!), the kids and I planned on just hanging out and burning off some energy. Instead, we were treated to an impromptu performance by the Bubble Man (aka Garry Golightly). Even before we had kids, I loved watching his performances and would squeal with delight when I saw his unmistakable purple van around the city. On this day at Carkeek as I parked the car, I gasped with joy as we drove through the parking lot and saw his bubble-covered van. Oh, the lightness that filled my heart when I thought there was a chance we might get to have some bubble fun ... and boy, did we!

The weather was a bit daunting (thunder and lightning ... no rain), so the Bubble Man only brought out a few supplies at a time, just in case the skies opened up and poured like they had the day before (and drenched him during a performance).

Before long, though, bubbles were sailing through the air and kids are running this way and that. What started out as our kids and me staring at him hoping for a show quickly morphed into a rather sizable crowd of families smiling with happiness at the sight of bubbles floating around us.

Whenever I watch the Bubble Man perform, I'm struck with the realization that he loves what he does as much as (if not more) than the kids who are watching him. He is pure energy and amazing with the kids; I can't help but wonder if he has a background in education. Our kids loved every minute of his bubble show, and we are so fortunate that she took some time to play with the kids at the park.

Annika enjoying the Bubble Man's jokes

Conor taking in the show

Bubble girl!

The Bubble Man ... pure energy

Conor got distracted by a chocolate lab puppy ... who could blame him?

These bubbles were made with ski poles and quick
ties... clever recycling project!

Pretty bubbles!

Foamy bubbles

Conor trying to pick up the bubbles



The mother of all bubbles

Annika going in for the kill


Conor taking in all that the Bubble Man had to say
I can just hear his internal dialogue now: "You are the man! Blow those bubbles!"

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