Monday, June 11, 2012

Vacation Rainy Days

When we tell people that we went on vacation for a week, they inevitably ask if we had good weather. People, please! We visited the Oregon coast in May... what do you think?? Of course we got rained on and saw our fair share of clouds. We knew it going into the week and planned accordingly. We packed lots of books, games, and other inside activities to keep the troops occupied when the weather was too stormy to play outside.

A few local attractions were icing on the cake for our kids. They LOVED the carousel which was located only a few blocks from our condo. And its affordable ticket prices made it a common destination for us. The aquarium was another fantastic indoors activity for us. Finally, we discovered a you-paint-it pottery studio that proved to be a fun (and only slightly messy) activity for the kids. Annika chose to paint a castle bank and Conor chose a monkey. The kids had a great time selecting their colors and glopping the paint onto their respective projects. Monet ... eat your heart out!

Annika on her carousel rabbit

Around, around, around we went!

Annika getting started on her castle masterpiece

Conor insisted on using an oversized brush for his project

Eric and Conor teaming up

Annika deep in thought

"My monkey is done, but the table could use a little pizazz!"

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