Thursday, June 21, 2012

He Is Such a Boy

Before going to bed each night, we brush Conor's teeth, read stories, and snuggle. A recent addition to the routine has been sitting on the potty, not necessarily expecting anything to happen, but just to get the habit incorporated into the nightly routine.

Two nights ago, Conor was sitting on the potty (naked as a jaybird) when he passed gas. He giggled (such a boy thing to do). Then, he proclaimed, "I tooted!" I started to agree when he decided to rephrase his statement. "I FARTED!"

Side note: Eric and I constantly rib each other about our preferred term for "passing gas" ... one guess who prefers which term!

Conor then proceeded to sit on the potty singing, "Toot! Fart! Toot! Fart! Toot! Fart! Toot! Fart! Toot! Fart! Toot! Fart!" until I distracted him with a Sunset magazine that I had in the next room. It wasn't exactly the ideal reading material for a 2-year-old, but it did distract him enough to stop his impromptu concert.

We knew Conor's gender long before he was born, but he is now starting to prove that he is a boy right down the core of his being.

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