Sunday, June 17, 2012

Aunt June's 99th Birthday Party

My great aunt will turn 99 this week, but we celebrated it yesterday. A few of us descended on her little home (good thing there weren't more of us, we probably would have violated the house's fire code!) and had a nice late lunch/early dinner with her.

At one point during Aunt June's celebration, I realized it was probably a good thing she's hard of hearing because our family is frighteningly loud most of the time. That fact aside, everyone had a lovely day celebrating one of our favorite women.

The birthday girl

Staci and Eric

Katherine and Annika

I made sure to point out that her cake didn't have all 99 candles ...
then again, it might have been a fire code issue if it did!

The kids with Aunt June
(Getting this picture reminded me of the "herding cats" poster we have at work)

Getting a whip cream shot: Aunt June has an inner party animal that is craving to get out.
Reminder: she's the one who made Troy get a straw for Staci's wine a few months ago.

OK, whipped cream fun done ... now time to put it on the delicious cake (albeit funny looking) that my mom made
(I'll definitely need to get the recipe from her ... the cake had a very brownie-esque quality that was to die for)

Troy and Emily

Troy and Kat

It's a Conor sandwich!

Emily and Aunt June

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