Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kitchen Progress

We are so excited to see things slowly come together in our kitchen. We've been "camping" for almost a month now and are longing to see the top of our kitchen table again. That said, we are thrilled with the things that are coming together and the improvements that we're seeing.

Did you know that today is Oven Eve? Shockingly, Hallmark doesn't have a card for this occasion. Slackers! Our new oven is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I am practically walking around with a whisk in my hand! I can hardly wait to get baking!!!

Our new cupboards and wine rack... so much storage!
(This used to be a mirrored wall; Eric and I keep thinking we're going to
hit our heads on the cupboards because we aren't used to them being there!)
Old granite gone (the new stuff didn't quite match, so now we're
updating all of the granite in the kitchen)

Stove's hood (ugly, black, gross) is GONE! Awaiting the new one's arrival.

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