Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We have windows ... and more granite

Today was another big day for our house. And we are now even closer to the remodeling finish line.

The last three windows went in today, so we can now officially say good-bye to the plywood that has been keeping the cold air, natural light, and wind out. It is rather odd to see our front yard and street from our den again, I have to say! Not that I'm complaining!

We also got the last of the granite in our kitchen and had granite put around our fireplace. (Back story: We pulled off the old tile that was around the fireplace before Annika was born, but never got around to putting up something new. Today, that wrong was made right and it looks GORGEOUS! We were able to use some of the leftover granite from the kitchen for the fireplace. Bonus!)

I'm going to have to cut this post short; the smell of the bondo used on the windows is starting to make me a bit woozy-headed. Until next time...
Last windows going in

Our new granite!
(the red wall isn't staying... it is the backdrop for the upcoming white subway tiles)

Granite around the fireplace

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