Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zombie Eric

Disclaimer: If you are easily freaked out by zombie stuff/high-quality movie makeup, be cautious about looking at the pictures at the bottom this post; Eric is mighty impressive looking!

A few days ago, Eric received an email from a guy he used to hang out with. The email went out to a bunch of people and it basically said he was making a short zombie movie and was wondering if anyone would be interested in being an extra in the movie. Eric thought it would be really cool, but initially declined knowing we didn't know the first thing about doing zombie makeup, and people were responsible for their own zombification.

Within a few minutes, I had an epiphany ... what about my former manager's husband, Randy?? He LOVES to do that kind of stuff. He's a professionally trained makeup person (for movies ... not the local cosmetic counter), is a sculptor/artist by trade, and Halloween is his favorite holiday. I quickly zipped an email to my former manager and she replied saying Randy would do Eric's makeup.

This morning, Eric headed from our house to Randy's house (with cookies in hand as a thank you) to the movie site (about a hour from our house). Randy did his magic on Eric and, I have to say, the guy is freaking amazing!! I was bummed that I couldn't be there to watch Eric's transformation, but fortunately, I received a few pictures of Eric's in-progress and final makeup before he headed out to the movie set. (See below)

After Eric arrived on the movie set, he called to check in and say a quick hi. During our conversation, I asked if he had gotten lunch and he mentioned that he stopped en route. Apparently he gave the gal at Taco Time quite a start—she thought he'd been in a serious accident and was quite relieved to know he was only wearing makeup. :)

(Note: No Erics were harmed in the making of these photographs.)

Phase 1

Phase 2

Introducing.... Zombie Eric!
The yellow teeth are quite the added touch;
they compliment the gaping wounds quite nicely!

Pretty impressive, huh?


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