Monday, July 18, 2011

Swim lessons - week 2

Last week's successful swim lesson was no fluke. Annika had another great lesson yesterday and built upon the skills she learned last week. This week, they added jumping into the pool and floating on a big foam disc while kicking. Annika is a natural in the water and I even heard one of her teachers say, "Wow - the kids in my other class can't do that. You're ahead of them!" A parent always loves to hear that their kids are doing well! :)

After getting out of the pool, our sweet little girl couldn't stop shivering and I couldn't ignore the blue hue to her lips. So, being the Seattle mama that I am, we went straight from the pool to Starbucks, so she could get a cup of hot chocolate... and a little snack. The girl was in Heaven! :)

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