Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Corn on the Cob

Little did I know when I decided to make corn on the cob last night that it would turn into a photo opportunity. Conor's first 1/2 ear of corn was neatly cut off of the cob by Eric; Conor happily ate it, but noticed that everyone else was eating corn directly off of the cob. On a whim, I decided to give him his next serving of corn still on the cob. That boy knew exactly what to do! I snapped a few pictures for the sake of entertainment, which is when Annika asked me to take her picture, too. (SHOCKING considering she usually hates me taking her picture!) Who knew corn on the cob would be such a photo opportunity??

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

Nom! Nom! Nom!

Happy girl!

Conor knows to say "Cheese!!" when having his picture taken.

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