Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buca's Evening

Last night, Eric worked late, so I picked up both kids. So far, so good. When we got home, however, our usually overly-excited dog who greets us at the door was replaced by a dog who was obviously not feeling well. Buca was subdued and started shaking when he went outside and then laid down basically in a ball. He wasn't shaking like our old dog Cooper used to do when he had his seizures; instead, Buca was shaking like he was really cold. I called Eric to let him know what was going on and to make sure he came straight home after finishing up at work. I called the vet, who suggested we just keep an eye on Buca because his shaking could be a sign of anxiety and not a physical ailment. OK. Watch the dog. I can do that.

Annika's empathetic colors showed like you wouldn't believe last night. She was very concerned about Buca. She sat next to him and repeatedly told him what a good boy he is. She also yelled to me every time he moved a hair. "MOM!!! BUCA'S SHAKING AGAIN!!!" was her mantra. I had to then demonstrate the difference between his shaking and him moving because of his increased panting. (I'm sure Candid Camera would have enjoyed that one!)

At first, I thought Buca was past his shaking, but alas, I was wrong. (See, Eric? I can admit when I'm wrong!!!) Buca started shaking again (not as severely as previously) and cried when he stood, walked, or tried to lay down. I knew we needed to trek to the vet. So, I got the kids and Buca in the van and off we went.

Fortunately, we didn't have to wait too long before Buca could be examined. The vet agreed with me that he was favoring his hind right leg, and suggested we keep an eye on him and keep him quiet. If he continued to have issues, she'd put him on an anti-inflammatory.

He did OK during the night, but not great. So, we're now going to start the meds to see if that helps. Fingers (and paws) crossed!!

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