Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another First for Our Kids

Yesterday, the 7-11 stores gave away free Slurpees to commemorate their "birthday" (July 11 = 7/11 = 7-11 ... get it??) Due to Eric needing to stop for a few things on his way home, I picked up both kids and decided to take them to the 7-11 by our house and treat them to a Slurpee.

Prior to yesterday, neither of our kids had ever had a Slurpee, so this was an experiment in whether they would even like them. When I picked up Annika from her school, I told her that we were going to get a treat on our way home. When she asked what it was, I said, "We're going to get Surpees!" She got VERY excited and replied, "WHOA!!! A Slurpee??? WOW!!!! What's a Slurpee?" The best description I could come up with was a "frozen yumm drink." That's all she needed .... she was hooked on the idea.

7-11 was PACKED. Who knew free Slurpees would be such a draw? I got both kids a drink and let them try a sip to see if they'd like them. I was a fool for thinking there was a chance they wouldn't like them. A fool, I tell ya!

In order to keep the interior of the van from turning sticky and Smurf blue, I confiscated the Slurpees until we got home. That didn't go over well with Conor (see below). He was HEARTBROKEN that I took the cup. Only when we got home and he was strapped into his high chair , wearing a bib, and happily scarfing down his drink did the tears subside.

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