Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What a time for goofy electronics!

Over the past two or so days, I've noticed that my glucose meter's readings have been a bit in the "wonky" category. When I woke up this morning and tested, the reading was WAY higher than it should have been. I've quickly learned that running another test strip with a control solution kind of resets the meter and then I can test again for a more accurate reading. After doing that, my glucose number was 26 points lower than it was 1-2 minutes before. Red flag! While looking on the Bayer website this morning for help, I saw that I could submit a form to get a coupon for a new meter for FREE. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner of an idea. I filled out the form, got the coupon, called my doctor's office to request a Rx be called in to the pharmacy and should be able to get my new meter today or tomorrow. WOO HOO!

Side note: Eric's folks came over for dinner last night (another belated Christmas gathering). We had a wonderful time together, ate a lovely dinner, and even got in a few games of Five Crowns. I was highly entertained by the fact that the dinner was blog inspired. The pork tenderloin came from The Pioneer Woman's blog and the bread (yes, I did make more - how could I not??) came from La Fuju Mama's blog. AND, the ganache for the Bailey's truffles I served for dessert was another recipe I found online. The Internet really is a wonderful tool for us foodies!

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