Monday, January 11, 2010

Low carbin' it

For those who don't know, gestational diabetes = VERY restricted intake of carbohydrates. That means limited fruit intake, lots of protein, and basically no sugar, pasta, potatoes, yummy white breads, etc.

Last night, we experimented with two new low-carb recipes. The first was a lime/garlic chicken that turned out quite nicely. It was flavorful and very easy to make - two big pluses in my book. I also attempted a low-carb cheesecake recipe; that turned out OK at best. It was somewhat grainy and I don't know if that's because I used my hand mixer instead of my handy-dandy Kitchen Aid stand mixer or because of the baking Splenda that was used instead of sugar. It got a "meh" rating from Eric and me; it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't a "gotta have more of this" dessert either.

A few nights ago, I whipped up some rather tasty parfaits using sugar-free chocolate pudding and whipping cream (again, no sugar - just a splash of vanilla extract); those bad boys definitely got a better rating than the cheesecake and were MUCH easier and faster to put together. The bonus to the parfaits was they led to an evening of Shrek quotes!

I've started a list of no-no foods that I'd like to indulge in after the baby is born. Currently, the list consists of lots of fresh fruit, creme brulee (Eric's specialty), a root beer float, and the very yummy bread served at JAK's Grill.

This weekend, I decided to look at me having gestational diabetes as an extended Lenten resolution of healthy eating. The baby is due on Easter Monday, so this year's Lent (for me) just began in Advent instead of 40 days before Easter and I don't get to use the "except for Sundays" get out of jail free card.

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Natasha said...

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