Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our little entertainer

Annika rarely fails to prove that she's quite an entertaining little kid... often without even trying. On January 1st, she and I woke up around 6 AM. Normally, we play and read stories in her room before heading upstairs for breakfast. On the 1st, I asked Annika if she wanted to read stories and she replied, "No, I need coffee." What the? I couldn't keep the laughter inside when I heard those words spill out of her mouth. Is this girl a Seattle native or what?

The rest of the 1st was spent either prepping for our rescheduled family Christmas meal (our original Christmas dinner was derailed with that nasty virus that attacked the Olson house over Christmas) or enjoying a day of family chaos and lots of food. It was fun to spend a good chunk of the day with some of my family and share the beginning of 2010 with them.

Helping Dadddy put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree

Decorating Christmas cookies

Unwrapping a Christmas present (notice the flying paper!)

Fun with playdoh (or "potato", as Annika calls it)

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