Thursday, January 7, 2010

The funny things we teach our kids

About a week ago, I was peeling a mandarin orange for Annika and made sure to get all of the little strings. Eric gave me a hard time that I was going to turn her into an orange string-a-phobic. If I leave strings by accident or if Eric is the one who peels her oranges, Annika inevitably runs up to us asking for "no strings please."

That got me thinking about the little quirks parents instill in their kids. I know my sister's kids (and husband, for that matter) have learned to remove that little white membrane thingy from eggs and that completely comes from my sister's dislike of that white gunk.

Makes me wonder what other funny things kids pick up on from their parents without even realizing it or the lesson being intentional.

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Kate said...

John could write you a book on kitchen habits I learned from my dad (and my mom, a bit) -- the way I cook rice, the way I wipe down counters, the way I unload the dishwasher.

Lord only knows what we'll instill in Daniel!