Monday, June 8, 2009

Kate Tagged Me

So, my best friend, Kate, was tagged by her friend Shelley to do a few lists. Kate then tagged me to do my version of the lists. Here goes!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Going to California on Wednesday to visit my sister and her family
2. Watching Emily graduate from high school on Thursday
3. Annika's 2nd birthday
4. My morning coffee
5. The box cushion class I'm going to take at th end of the month
6. The charity collection truck coming to our house on the 17th
7. Doing something special for Eric on Father's Day
8. Giving myself a pedicure tonight

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Went to 8:30 mass
2. Baked M&M cookies
3. Watched the Tony awards
4. Finished sewing my messenger bag
5. Played outside with Annika and Eric and Annika's new bubble machine
6. Packed for our trip to CA
7. Watered my plants
8. Talked with my sister on the phone

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Figure out a way to make being a stay at home mom financially profitable
2. Travel more often
3. Pack lightly (I have a serious case of over-packer-itis!)
4. Find a sundress that doesn't look like a maternity dress on my
5. Invent a nail polish that doesn't chip
6. Find a recipe for pizza crust that rivals professional pizza crust
7. Live in the country or next to the water
8. Eat carbs without gaining weight

8 Shows I Watch
1. "Lost"
2. "Ace of Cakes"
3. "Ugly Betty"
4. "Grey's Anatomy"
5. "Little Einsteins" (with Annika... not for my own entertainment!)
6. "The Wiggles" (see note above)
7. "Say Yes to the Dress" (I'm embarrassed to admit this one, but those crazy brides are a hoot!) 8. "Deliver Me"

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