Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back from San Diego

Last Wednesday, Annika and I hopped a plane down to San Diego to attend my niece's high school graduation. (Way to go, Emily!) We had a fantastic time in California. Annika spent each day playing with her cousins and, I'm quite sure, will be missing them greatly once she catches up on her sleep and regains some of her energy.

One bonus of our trip was the fact we got to see my college roommate Rachel and her girls while we were in California. We met in Temecula, CA and had lunch together and then let the girls play at the mall's kids' area while we caught up and chatted. (Note: The Temecula has a really good children's play area if you're ever in the area!) I got the wondeful opportunity to meet Rachel's newest family member - Ellie, who is a precious baby. I couldn't get over how much her other daughter, Hannah, had grown since our last visit; she even has her first loose tooth!

Everyone is very proud of Emily for successfully completing high school. The ceremony was very nice (and not too long) and "Mimi" had a great time at her all-night grad party after the festivities. She returned home with a variety of prizes and a head full of colorful ribbons ... she reminded me of a ticker tape parade! (A side note for the jerky people who brought air horns to the Poway High School graduation: you people are beyond rude and annoying... especially the guy in front of us with the knit hat!!!)

While in San Diego, we got a chance to tour the San Diego Zoo with my cousin Sally. It was such fun to have some one on one time with her, not to mention see an amazing zoo! Annika loved the fish that were in the hippo exhibits, the monkeys, and the birds. Come to think of it, I don't think there was much that didn't impress her!

We got the Frisch clan set up with a webcam, which makes me beyond happy. Now we can have face-to-face chats just about any time we want. Yippee!!

I cherished the time with my sister and her family. We don't get to see each other nearly enough! We did everything from exciting and monumental things (Emily's graduation, visiting the San Diego Zoo) to mundain things (a trip to Costco, making dinner together, and folding laundry), but that's what life is all about. I'm already counting down to seeing them on Sunday when they'll be in town en route to their cabin. Hurray!

Pictures from our trip

Waiting at the airport for our flight (the pilot showed up to work late, so we had a bit of a delay to work with)

Proud parents of the high school graduate (2 down, 2 to go!)

Emily after her graduation ceremony
The Frisch Family

Blowing bubbles with cousin Anna

We love Dolewhip!!

OOPS! Didn't see this at the ice cream shop until after I took a bunch of pictures.

Hanging out on a hippo at the San Diego Zoo

At the zoo with Aunt Sally

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