Thursday, June 18, 2009

Card Carrying Member

I am now an official member of the food handlers permit section of life's population. Yesterday, I sat through a 15-minute lecture, 30-minute video (the acting was stellar .... please note sarcasm), and took the 32-question test in about 7 minutes. The best part (aside from the acting in the video) was the gal who graded my test was genuinely surprised that I got 100% on the test. Seriously??? My thought while taking the test was "people actually fail this thing?"

On an up note, I am now one step closer to being able to charge people for my cakes and cookies .... assuming I can find a commercial kitchen to use. That's step 2.


Kate said...

A story in The News Tribune yesterday mentioned that the women who run an empanada business rent space from Kitchen-2-Kitchen in Tacoma, a meal preparation place (like a Dream Dinners or Dinners Ready place). I wonder if a place like that in Seattle would let you rent space.

I love that the woman grading your test was surprised you got 100 percent. Must not see that very often. Yikes. Nice work!

Comerford Chronicles said...

Yeah!! I am so excited from you - I'd like to buy a cake!