Monday, December 22, 2008

Still snowy

We're still snowed in here on 2nd Ave. It is a beautiful sight, but also a bit amazing to think that we have received more snow in the past few days than we do in a typical winter.

The dogs had a marvelous time playing on the deck earlier today. Buca thinks snow is nature's play thing and goes into turbo mode when he is in it. Riley seems to enjoy it, too, but in a more reserved manner.

Buca getting ready to pounce

Riley giving the snow a good sniff

Buca doing his impersonation of an ostrich

"Do I have a little something on my face?"

What else does one do while snowed in? Make a gingerbread house, of course! This was yesterday's project. There was a wee bit of repair work to do because of some broken pieces, but all-in-all, it was a very fun project.

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Fallon said...

My dog loves to stick her whole head in the snow too. It's funny when parts of an all black dog suddenly turn white.