Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lucky number 8

Annika's 8th tooth (lower left lateral incisor) popped through yesterday. A few days before, I predicted that we'd see it within the week and just like magic, it appeared. This makes Annika's mouth symmetrical once again. She now has four teeth on top and four below.

We bought our Christmas tree last night. It is a cute little 4 footer (or so). As Eric set it up last night, Annika walked into the living room, pointed at the tree and asked, "Whazdat?" She then walked up to it and proceeded to run her hand over the branches. Always learning...

Eric and I had a debate regarding the size of tree we should get. I wanted a big one to make for a nice picture of Annika in front of it for our Christmas cards. Eric wanted a smaller one in case Annika got curious and decided to pull it over on herself or decided to undecorate the tree. Eric won. We'll put lights on it and then snap her picture and then we'll elevate the tree so it is on a table and out of the grasp of her little fingers. We'll see if our plan works out! Regardless of the tree's size, I have to say it is a beautiful tree and it makes our house smell just like the holidays!

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