Monday, December 8, 2008

New word and more fun with flour and sugar

Annika has a new word: "up". Now, this word doesn't only mean what you think. It also means "I'm up but now want down", "What's up there?", and "I'm thinking something and now you have to figure it out (insert evil laugh here)." She's a funny one!

Yesterday, I had lunch with my best friend. I truly adore her. We are frequently of one mind (Kate, who is using it today?), color scheme, and sense of humor. Many a day has passed that we've shown up at an event wearing either the same thing, the same colors, or the flip-flop of the other's outfit. We just get each other. For the many, many, many years of friendship behind us and the many more ahead of us, I am truly grateful. ANYWAY, Kate gave me my birthday present yesterday, which consisted of my absolutely favorite See's candies (curse you, woman!) and two beyond wonderful cookie cutters - a coffee cup and a Celtic cross. Needless to say, I was inspired to bake last night. I whipped out my winter/Christmas cookie cutters (I felt the need to be seasonal) and made cookies for my co-workers and my book club buddies.

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Comerford Chronicles said...

All your yummy baking! Man I wish we lived closer!