Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ack - my back!

Last night, I noticed one of my lower back muscles was a bit twingy. I didn't pull it, but it felt a little annoyed due to no specific event. I attributed it to a simple muscle cramp ... a back charlie horse for lack of a better term. By the time I went to bed, I was really hurting. Eric loaded me up with some ibuprophen and set up the heating pad under me (God, I love that man!!). During the night, I lost the ability to roll over because of the muscle's general unhappy mood. This morning, I'm sore but think I'll live .... so long as I stay upright. Bending or tilting seem to be out of the question right now.... good thing I have slip-on shoes! Putting on my tights this morning did require a few maneuvers that (I'm quite sure) entertained the dogs and might qualify me for the next Cirque du Soleil show, however. I have one of those "open the pack, stick it to you, it'll warm up" disposable heating things that are supposed to help muscle aches. The heat feels good. Even if I didn't have a sore back, the heat would still feel good.... now I just need a cozy blanket and a book ... I'd be all set!


Comerford Chronicles said...

And this is why I go to a chiropractor! They are amazing! I hope your back is feeling better soon!

fig said...

Those back thingys are so puzzling. I've had that before, too. Be sure to rest when you can and hopefully it'll go away soon!