Monday, August 25, 2008

Party weekend!

This was a festivity-filled weekend. Saturday morning, Annika and I trekked up to Bothell for my college roommate's baby shower. The shower had a Dr. Seuss theme and was lots of fun. I was honored to be asked to make the cake for the event. Of course, a Dr. Seuss cake couldn't be symmetrical or just 1-2 colors! Leaning tiers and plenty of colors were on tap for this cake!!

After the shower, Annika and I zipped home so she could take a nap before our next party of the day. My brother's son (Ian) turned 7 years old on Saturday and had a breakfast for dinner party. YUM!! Pancakes for dinner ... really, what could be better? (I may have to swipe his idea for my birthday!)


Kate said...

GREAT cake!!! How fun.

We had Sally's 7th birthday party on Sunday. She wanted pasta, so we had a baked ziti dish and a huge pot of fettuccine. It was an excellent choice by a small child. Then it was ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert.

I do like the pancakes idea, tho ...

Nikki said...

Did you make this cake too?!?!?