Friday, August 8, 2008

Annika's 12-month check-up

Last night, Annika had her 12-month well-baby appointment. She now weighs a hefty 17 pounds, 14 ounces and she is 2' 4.75". She's in the 39% for lengrh, 6.8% for weight, and 11.05% for head circumference. She's still considered dainty, but is growing at a steady rate, so her doctor is quite happy. She's also meeting all of her developmental milestones for her age bracket. She was a trooper and survived getting 4 shots without more than a few tears and one ear-shattering scream. Annika's doctor is very happy with how Annika is growing and developing. We even found out that she has a musical heart! (The way the blood flows through her heart creates a bit of a chord sound; it's something she'll outgrow and is nothing out-of-the-ordinary, but still kind of a neat factoid.)

I have to say, I'm very glad yesterday's appointment is behind us. Knowing she was going to get 4 shots had my tummy in knots. I was glad she didn't know to anticipate the event... but I sure did!

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